Trio is open for financing during the COVID-19 crisis

WELCOME TO TRIO A new path to ownership that's affordable, realistic, attainable, and secure. Trio is open for financing during the COVID-19 crisis

Use this calculator to estimate a monthly Trio payment based on the price of your selected home. Input the actual figures for property taxes and homeowner’s dues or use Trio’s defaults. Take note that this payment is an estimate. Your actual payment will be different depending on a number of factors including your personal situation, mortgage interest rates and the characteristics of the home you select.

Home Price
Property Taxes $0
Homeowner's Association Dues $0
Estimated trio payment* na

* Estimated amount only. Your actual approved Trio payment can only be determined after you submit a complete application package and are underwritten by Trio. Your actual approved payment will be provided in an approval letter from Trio on official Trio letterhead.

Payment to Home Price Calculator

Input your monthly budgeted or approved lease payment and determine the home price.

Monthly trio payment
Estimated trio Qualifying Home Price** na

** Estimated and for illustration purposes only. Your payment and home price will be based on the actual qualified home and will vary based on geographic location, property taxes, homeowners dues, hazard insurance and other property specific factors.

benefits of trio

Trio wants to help everyone become homeowners!
We do that by offering a new financing option designed for today’s modern economy.

Safe, flexible and realistic

No down payment required!

Take control of your homeownership future

Earn home equity before you buy

Invest in your future – no more renting!

Homeownership tools and counseling included

Lock in today’s mortgage interest rate

Trio home care program included

Try out your neighborhood before you commit

What is Trio

Trio is the new, innovative way to achieve home financing. Using its proprietary lease-to-own financing program, Trio is the contemporary option toward owning. Trio provides you the ability to live in the home you want to own while building equity for its purchase in the future.

From renting to owning, with a step in between, helping you successfully jump into homeownership… that’s Trio, the third and new option.

self assessment

Use this short checklist to see if you are ready for Trio, and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.


This calculator will help you determine the monthly Trio lease payment that will work for you.

self check

Use this short checklist to see if you are ready for Trio, and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.


This calculator will help you determine the monthly Trio lease payment that will work for you.


(All Applicants)


580+ Credit Score

Working on building your credit? That’s great! Trio accepts FICO credit scores of 580+.


$3,600+/mo. Household Income

Trio considers all sources from your paycheck to a business or even a side job that helps make ends meet.


Payment Max 1/3 Household Income

Trio is here to help you own, not struggle. We want to make sure you’re not burdened with your lease amount.


24+ Months Housing History

A history of paying your rent on time is key to your success with Trio.


2+ Months Savings ($4,000 minimum)

Having a little cushion in the bank is important for all of us. Trio wants you safe and secure through your lease.


50% Max Debt-to-Income

We all have bills to pay and Trio wants to ensure you can comfortably pay your bills and lease payments.

Slide “Trio is for real people -- no gimmicks, no hidden agendas. I want to do anything I can to ease someone's mind about using Trio since it's a new concept for people. I tell my friends and family it's one of the best decisions I ever made.”

- Trisha P
Slide “We have worked diligently to re-establish our credit to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. Trio makes sense for us because we can be in a home we love while continuing to build our credit to obtain a mortgage and be homeowners.”

- Joshua S, FL
Slide “Buying a new home is a big commitment. I like the concept of leasing to own to give me flexibility while I decide if buying a home is right for me.”

- Patricia H, GA
Slide “I am a 28 year old male who got married 2 years ago and would like to provide my beautiful wife a home. I think Trio will open the doors to make our dream come true of owning a home in the USA.”

- Pedro C
Slide “As a single mother, I think it is important to create a solid foundation for my children. Being a homeowner through the Trio process seems to be ideal for my situation. With a desire to be a homeowner, this process provides me with an opportunity to weigh my options and build a solid financial future.”

- Raioni M
Slide “I am a hardworking and honest man who came into this country some years ago seeking the American dream. I have worked hard to get to a stage where I can afford to buy a house after renting for over five years. I want to continue to work hard with the intentions of raising a family in a beautiful home I can call my own.”

- Olatunbosun A
Slide “As a young professional and a single parent, Trio provides the opportunity for me to have a return on my investment versus an investment of rent and no asset…You ask me why trio, why not trio? It financially makes sense.”

- Ashleeh S
Slide “Because we would like for our rent to go toward the purchase of the home we choose to buy. When we are ready!”

- Lawrence H
Slide “It has been a long road back to financial prosperity for me after divorce and bankruptcy. I love the concept of Trio that I can "rent" my home while I continue to clean credit and make myself mortgage-worthy. Losing my house was devastating and I will never take homeownership for granted after that experience.”

- Kristin D