Trio Document Upload

Use this page to upload documents for Team Trio. If you are in the application process, see below for a list of requirements. You will receive email confirmation of each successful document upload/submission.

Proof of income:

  • If you’re W2, this means last 2 months paystubs & two most recent bank statements showing deposits.
  • If you are self-employed or own your own business, please provide a copy of your business license, your most recently filed tax return, profit and loss statement for most recent 3 months, and two most recent bank statements verifying deposits of income.
  • For awarded income such as child support, social security or retirement, please provide your award letter & two most recent bank statements showing deposits

Proof of savings funds:

  • Most recent statement of bank, retirement and/or investment funds. Remember, $4,000 minimum must be in liquid savings.

Proof of Housing History:

  • Verification of 24 months of on-time payments. This can be in the form of a payment ledger, bank statements, receipts, cancelled checks. A letter from your landlord is helpful, but must also be verified through another method.

Other Documents:

  • Two forms of personal identification. A copy of your government-issued identification, such as driver’s license or passport and secondary item, such as a credit card or birth certificate.
  • A signed copy of our authorization disclosure that we need for certain landlords to verify your rental history.
  • Proof of authorization to work in the US if not US citizen or permanent resident.

Documents Uploaded

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