Take a deep breath. You got this. Applying with Trio is easy.

Congratulations! You are ready to embark on the exciting journey toward home owner-ship. The first step is completing our simple application. Ever applied for auto financing, or other home financing? Great! This will look familiar to you. And don’t worry about playing the waiting game. We do our best to respond with a preliminary approval within 3 to 5 business days. For the final approval, we’ll need your help in providing documentation for the important stuff like your income, employment, and housing history. And, there is no fee to apply.

Accelerating the Approval Process
Have you recently applied for a mortgage?

Great! You can expedite your approval process for Trio financing just by forwarding your application package directly to us. You’ll still need to complete our online application, but it will speed up the process considerably. Just leave us a comment in your application that you’re going this route, and we will send you a secure link to upload your info.

Not crazy about that option? You can also provide your lender with this release form, and they can send your information directly to us, and we’ll get started. Done and done.

Lastly, please allow Trio a 4 business day response time. Keep in mind that the 4 days begin once you’ve submitted your application and credit score. We’re excited that you are considering Trio for financing your new home!