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Authorization to Release

As part of our pledge to protect the privacy of our customers, Trio will only discuss your application with you and the co-applicant (if any) listed on your application. However, in many cases, the assistance of 3rd parties such as your lender or real estate agent helps us help you get approved faster.

Note that this form will update our system to copy the authorized parties on any communications sent out to you. Please be mindful of who you want to share information with. You can always edit your authorizations by logging into your application portal.

Authorization to Release Information

This authorization form will allow Trio, its authorized representatives and your designated 3rd Parties to share information about you and your co-applicant (if any).

I/We, are applying/have applied for home financing with Trio. I wish to provide access to information, including that outlined below, related to my personal information. This information may be from my lender, real estate agent or other designated 3rd party to Trio or from Trio to these 3rd parties designated above.

I/We understand that by authorizing this release, information such as the following may be disclosed:

  • Application information from my lender such as income, asset and employment documentation
  • Status of my application with Trio (such as whether my application is submitted, in review or approved)
  • Information regarding any specific information required to complete my application with Trio
  • Information regarding any specific information required to assist with an application decision by Trio
  • Information regarding the status or any assistance required for the closing of my selected home

Should my/our Designated 3rd Party include my mortgage lender, as part of my application process or in considering my household for approval with Trio, Trio may verify information contained in my application with my lender and receive materials provided by me/us to my lender in support of my application and in other documents required in connection with my application.

I/We acknowledge that Trio’s Privacy Policy is available at This authorization is valid as long as I am in the application process or in a Trio lease agreement and includes the ultimate purchase of my home. I acknowledge that I may revoke this authorization at any time by providing written notice to Trio.

I/We hereby indemnify and forever hold Trio and its authorized representatives harmless from any and all actions and causes of actions, suits, claims, attorney’s fees, or demands against Trio, which I and my heirs may have resulting from Trio discussing, or declining to discuss, my account with the above-named 3rd parties or person(s) identifying himself/herself to be that requestor, or resulting from providing, or declining to provide, any documents or other information concerning my account.

A copy or electronic copy of this authorization may be accepted as original.

Please wait, your authorization is being saved. This may take a while.

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