Use this calculator to estimate a monthly Trio payment based on the price of your selected home. Input the actual figures for property taxes and homeowner’s dues or use Trio’s defaults. Take note that this payment is an estimate. Your actual payment will be different depending on a number of factors including your personal situation, mortgage interest rates and the characteristics of the home you select.

Home Price
Property Taxes $0
Homeowner's Association Dues $0
Estimated trio payment* na

* Estimated amount only. Your actual approved Trio payment can only be determined after you submit a complete application package and are underwritten by Trio. Your actual approved payment will be provided in an approval letter from Trio on official Trio letterhead.


Input your monthly budgeted or approved lease payment and determine the home price.

Monthly trio payment
Estimated trio Qualifying Home Price** na

** Estimated and for illustration purposes only. Your payment and home price will be based on the actual qualified home and will vary based on geographic location, property taxes, homeowners dues, hazard insurance and other property specific factors.