We want to help make your dream of homeownership a reality. At Trio, we understand that home buying isn’t a one-size-fits all kind of a deal. That’s why Trio developed specific programs to fit your individual needs and style. With that in mind, take a look at TrioFirst and TrioSelect to see which is a good match for you.

Move in and start living with Trio.

Living with Trio is really simple. After you move in, you can start on your education and savings. Your home’s value with increase as your local market increases – and as you improve and maintain your home. If you need help with your budget or credit management, let us know. We have non-profit housing counselors that can help – we even pay for the classes. Our goal is the same as yours – to transition you to homeownership by purchasing your home from Trio.

So, I opt for Trio and find a home and even move in; then what?

Once you move in, you get to treat the home like its your own. Ever want to paint that egg shell colored wall something more you? Now you can. Use Trio’s Home Care Guide and learn how to take care of your new house. We even send out our Home Care technicians every six months to make sure your home is ok and you have your questions answered. Day to day you have control – if a lightbulb is out or a disposal is slow to drain – fix it or call our maintenance call line for assistance.

When to buy is up to you; get prepared so you can when you are ready!

Trio’s 3 year fixed lease contracts put you in control of your housing future. Make your payments on time to increase the amount of credit you earn and reduce your purchase price – with TrioFirst, this can be as low as 1% above the cost of your home. No one else passes nearly all of the home appreciation to you so you can use it when you are ready to purchase. Since time passes, save funds in case you want to assume the OwnOption Mortgage with the interest rate fixed at the time you moved in. Super powerful tools designed to help you become an owner!