Ready to move forward with Trio?

Check out our handy guide to see if you meet the minimum requirements before you apply. If you can check off the following, you’re in good shape.

  • Your gross household income needs to be at least $3600/month to qualify for our minimum monthly payment (and, you can document it)
  • Your housing history is stellar showing 24 months or more of on time payment history, and you’ve got the documentation to prove it
  • Your FICO mid credit score is at least 550, according to our third party credit report
  • You don’t have an active bankruptcy or foreclosure. (Note, however, that if you do, once your bankruptcy is discharged or your foreclosure is recorded, you are eligible).

Great work! Now, give yourself a high five. But, if you didn’t quite get an A, don’t get down on yourself. Take a breath, tell yourself you got this, and check out our helpful blog posts with advice on saving, living within your means, and other entertaining topics. They actually really are entertaining.