OwnOption Mortgage

A Trio OwnOption Mortgage keeps your home affordable and protects you against rising interest rates. This means that you’ll lock in your future monthly payment and interest rate through the life of your lease. An OwnOption Mortgage is a mortgage financed by Trio at the start of your lease that you can qualify to assume when you purchase.

Introducing your New BFF: the OwnOption Mortgage

Maybe you’re saying, “I’m already happy with my current BFF!” But are you really? Take a closer look, because with Trio’s OwnOption mortgage, your future mortgage interest rate and term are locked and included in your lease. And no matter what happens to interest rates in the future, yours will be secured, giving you the best chance to buy your home when the time is right for you. You’ll be locking in your ability to get an FHA insured mortgage with a low fixed interest rate, and a 30-year term.

Still not convinced? Love bullet points? Because we’ve got some really good ones:

  • Locking in an interest rate with a traditional mortgage can set you back between 1% and 3% of your loan amount. That’s thousands of dollars!
  • Banks will only allow you to lock your rate for up to a year. When you opt (pun intended) for an OwnOption Mortgage, your interest rate is locked in for the life of your lease, which could be up to five years! And, Trio covers the cost. #OwnOptionBFF
  • Your rate is locked in and ready when you are.
  • You will no longer be stressing about the possibility of rising interest rates crushing your dreams of home ownership.
  • Typically, we don’t have control over how much our income will rise. With the OwnOption mortgage, your interest rate is locked, so you will be operating with that sense of security.
  • Since your stress is being alleviated, you’ll likely start eating better.
  • Since you are eating better, your pants may finally fit again.
  • You’re welcome.